3D Cube help (10x10x10)


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Nov 3, 2011
Hi everyone

Im looking to build a 3D 10px cube to hang above the crowd at music events that we put on. I want to make the cube fairly large around 2-3m (around 200-300mm between px)

I plan to use pingpong balls as difusers, now I know I can buy ws2801 pixel string like this but I want the balls to be bright and am worried if I use these they wont be.

what are your thoughts?

I need the cost per pixel to be as low as posible as I have to buy 1000. I am happy to make the pcbs my self if there's any projects out there that would do the job.

thanks for any help


I have C.L.A.P
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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
An interesting project.

The 2801 LEDs you have linked to would do the job nicely. These LEDs are very bright when compared to traditional LED strings. The only way i could see you getting a brighter light is by building your own strings and using higher wattage LEDs or by using 2 LEDs per pingpong ball, but that will bring up the cost of your project.

There are no projects out there at the moment for building these pixels as its cheaper and less hassle to buy them already made.

If your unsure of how bright these are then the only way for you to know is to test this by just buying 1 string to play with and a cheap controller.

As far as sequencing effects in a 3D matrix im not sure what software you would use as most software doesnt have this capability

Now to control this will depend on what your requirements are, do you want this controlled live via a DMX or E1.31 interface to a computer, or do you want this to be a standalone feature that goes throgh different effects and not needing a computer to control.