6803 Pixels


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Sep 19, 2010
Indianapolis, IN
monkey141 said:
Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I ordered two different kinds, the larger 30mm circles and the smaller m5 size. I am not crazy about the quality of either like you have suggested, but I think I am going to give a go at the 30mm circles, and I am trying to plan everything out now. I will be sure to post back with what I end up with. I had started out earlier this year, building my own as well and then abandoned it when I found out about some of these, but clearly the quality (and long term stability) can be questioned.

One possibility for extending wire lengths is to use a single pixel as a signal booster/repeater every so often. Say you want to have a display 50 feet from the controller, just wire in a single pixel every 15-20 feet along that cable. Each pixel regenerates the clock and data signals so you should be good then for another 20 feet or so.

My approach has been to build a controller that's inexpensive enough that I can put a separate controller wherever I need one. I will probably have 6-8 separate pixel controllers in my display this year, hoping for 2000+ pixels.


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May 9, 2010
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The main Problem you will have using spare pixels to boost the signals will be the management.
You will loose each time 3 address and the controller affects automatically an address when he founds a pixel on line.
So of course matches, but a real nightmare to program correctly your light show.
You will loose timings, synch and speed and have holes on your show
At end, the results will be hazardous
So forget this idea.
Not really efficient from my side.
I tried yet ;)
The really solution is to found a chip to boost these signals.
Any ideas?