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A letter from Judy Pancoast on Licensing. Composer of House on Christmas Street

Discussion in 'Music, Playlists & Broadcasting' started by smeighan, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. smeighan

    smeighan Dedicated Elf

    Jan 19, 2012
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    4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
    Hi all;

    I wrote an email to Judy asking about using her "House on Christmas Street".
    The House on Christmas Street - Judy Pancoast & Holdman Christmas

    Here is her response that she asked me to share:

    Jusy mentioned one other thing. She knows there have been videos posted of her music on youtube abd vimeo. She is fine with us posting her songs. Seh said that she has been approached by a company that offers a service where they scan all youtube videos, find the signatures of a song and then add a small add to the youtube video. Judy then gets a small revenue stream through that ad. If any of you notice an ad show up on your posted videos maybe other artists are using the same service


    Status on RGBSB
    I have now added a mysql database to my tool for creating math models and projecting them onto an RGB device. I have the form done that will prompt for enough information to build the models and store them in the database. I have created an LMS file that imports with no errors, but i need to adjust the target models. My work at Oracle corp has gotten busy (5-60 hours/week) so i am a little slow in getting the new releases. I expect to be able to put more time in starting next week.

  2. Slite

    Slite Full Time Elf

    Dec 30, 2011
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    Mölnbo, Sweden
    Thanks for sharing this Sean.

    and I can just think that it is a crying shame that not more people/musicians/singers/and most certainly record companies thought like Judy and saw our habit of posting videos of our sequencing as a way to PROMOTE their music.
  3. GoofyGuy

    GoofyGuy Guest

    Thats a well thought out and presented letter. She seems to know our hobby as she mentioned a few of the companys in it as they have purchsed the rights to the song. What I get from this is that we can do as we please on a private matter, once again posting the video is where it gets hairy. I for one becuase of this letter will be emailing her for the mix of the song and using it this coming year. I wasnt going to use the song at all, but for an artist to know where were coming from in this hobby I have great respsect and hope to sell a few singles for her personally. As I support this site, I will support the artists that support us. LMFAO is another one, I know they dont have christmas or halloween music but they not only supported Kevin, they went to his house, then asked him personally to help with thier new music video. Its the artists that think they are too good for anyone to enjoy thier music without trying to get money from every source possible that makes me angry. I know of plenty of cases where something like what we do sells records. Look at Carson Williams, Wizards of Winter (TSO) we all know TSO bennefited from that video that went super viral, and is still used from time to time on TV.

    Point is great letter from a respsectful person. I thank you for sending the email, I thank you for posting it for us to see. Really helps at least me out when choosing who I use on my house.
  4. Bird

    Bird LOR user

    Nov 8, 2011
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    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
    I agree. Groups can benefit from our displays using their music.
    I am one example. Before Carson's video I had not even heard of TSO.
    2010 I bought the CD with Wizards of Winter & Christmas Sarajevo.
    December 2011, I bought 2 tickets to their concert (which was good).

    Cheers for Judy and her stance of bringing joy to the masses.
    FYI, I will not ask for her to send me a free MP3, I will support her and buy the CD. :)

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