ACL is ONE today (well it was on the 26th) - Happy Birthday

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Apr 26, 2010
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Happy 1st birthday ACL, be it that I'm 2 days late (i was away)

12 months ago there was a vision by Phil to create a forum group that specialized in low voltage lighting and control and to create a home for the many Aussies who are involved in the general lighting community. 12 months on and 737 members later ACL has grown far exceeding expectations with members from around the world.

It is amazing how much has been achieved with in the first 12 months especially regarding RGB pixel control, I must say that 12 months ago when this forum started, pixel control was only a discussion and by Christmas 2010 many of our members were using large amounts of RGB and pixel control in their displays thanks to some very talented people (you know who you are) who have given their time and effort for the benefit of the community.

The chat room at ACL has become a favorite by many of our members as it is a melting pot of ideas, opinions and thoughts and some great things have been born from this. I hope the chat room continues to generate ideas and thought into the future

The members of ACL have made this forum a great success and i would like to thank them all for their support and involvement in helping make ACL innovative, progressive and informative with open views and ideas that are shared and discussed.

I hope going forward that ACL can continue to grow and be informative with many more birthdays to come.

Thanks and Best Regards

The ACL team
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