ACL Members - Secret Help


Let there be Light!
Dec 28, 2010
Mawson Lakes, South Australia
I have to share this story that unfolded today.

I am very lucky to celebrate my birthday with my beautiful daughter Scarlett, When unwrapping our gifts at dinner tonight I was handed by my misses Karen (the KA in Karob) a small parcel which contained some paperwork.

Inside this parcel was the receipt of an online purchase of a FM Transmitter, now both myself and Karen would admit that she would not have a clue where to source such an item.

This is where the secret help comes into it, without my knowledge Karen contacted via Facebook 2 members of the ACL Community looking for help. Information passed back and forth between Karen and these 2 members without my knowledge until she got all the info she needed to make the purchase.

Who are these 2 members? Ryan & Alec who I must admit are very good at keeping secrets, although now I look back at things said during the week I did think it was weird that Alec remembered it was my birthday on the weekend and why would Karen be asking about modems?????

I like to thank both Ryan & Alec for their help and also keeping a very good secret, as it got me by complete surprise when I saw what she had purchased for my birthday.

It shows to me that this forum is more then a little bit of information on how to set up a display, the forum and chat are a great place to meet friends and sometimes let off steam, but beyond that the forum is a great place for members (and family of ACL members) looking for help to make that correct purchase.

Thanks guys.


Dedicated elf
Jul 13, 2012
That is a nice story.
Hang on, let me get this right, you are thanking Ryan and Alec for sharing the CLAP with your wife? :)