Adding universes in LSP


It's so much better on the dark side
Jun 10, 2010
Well after a week of again stuffing around with a universe of 3 boards losing start channels Ive given up and am just going add another DR4 and split them up and have each board run on it's own universe.

The issue now is this I currently am running 20 universes, the 1st 4 are DMX boards the other 16 are the mega tree running on the pixad8. the boards that are causing the problems are all in universe2 of which 1 board will remain on that universe the other 2 will have their own universes.

Can I just add 2 universes and tack them on as universe 21 & 22 set their start channels in LSP as 10241 & 10753 or is there some need to put them in before the mega tree universes. (I am not keen to spend hours renumber all the start channels in LSP)

I assume what I am intending to do is correct just curious is there any issue I have overlooked