Ae-Element 3d-TP Form


Senior elf
Dec 23, 2011
Hi Steve
Ae is a bit complex from the initial novice perspective but judging from your masking capabilities
a few basic tutorials should get you going with Ae.
I have been considering doing a series of tutorials that specifically target sequencing for pixels and rgb elements .
I am currently learning resolume as I think this is a very helpful tool for 3d projection .
The bonus to resolume is the effects can be exported to Ae for editing and then used on rgb elements etc .
It amazes me at how cumbersome creating custom effects for rgb or images for projection is to accomplish .
Even with tools that will automate the process to a degree the simple step of understanding the work flow in most of these applications can be overwhelming.
I have watched 100s of tutorials and filtered out what I need that applies to our hobby .
Due to the cost of Ae and time required to learn how to use it there may be a lack of interest as just getting
the mind around rgb -controllers - hardware and sequencers is challenge enough for most .