Alternative to Belkin wifi power adapers $25

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by elnino, Jun 25, 2015.

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    I have these and they work great. I am just finishing up creating a Windows Application to control them, a bonus is that it will also allow you to Sequence in your Vixen 3 to turn them On and Off. See my app features below.

    The app is nearly finished and will be released on these forums for anyone to use.

    The features of my app include:

    - Register an Unlimited number of S20 devices to be controlled (well, limited to the number of DHCP addresses you have available on your network, so ensure DHCP is switch on and you have some available).
    - Fully automatic, making it very simple and user friendly.
    - At the push of a single button the app will find and register the device on your network. No need to know IPAddresses or MacAddresses of the devices, all you will be asked to do is enter your network password and to name the Device if found (for example "Main Controller").
    - Create an unlimited number of schedules for each device. Set time, days and trigger On/Off.
    - Natively control your S20's from within a Vixen 3 Sequence. See instructions in S20 App or video below.
    - Not sure about other sequencers, however if the sequencer is capable of adding a Command Line effect to the sequence then it will be able to control your S20's.
    - You will need to have this app running for the devices to be automatically controlled, either by Schedule or by your Sequencer. (Note: You could add another command line in your sequence to start this app first.)
    - If the S20 is issued a new IP from DHCP there is no need to re-register as my app will automatically update IPAddresses when required.
    - Any changes are automatically saved.
    - Using remote desktop, the S20 can be controlled to allow any changes while your away from home.


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    Hi Geoff

    How can I get a copy of your program please?


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