American visiting AUS end of July


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Jul 17, 2011
Chuck Smith from PlanetChristmas, here.
I'm heading "down-under" to visit over-the-top decorators in Australia at the end of this month (actually, the week of July 25th.) I'd love to get together and talk with other lighting lovers.
I'll admit geography was never my thing in school... and all I know is I'm destined for a town about two hours north of Sydney. More to come. If you think there's a way we can get together, do a bit of Christmas 2011 brainstorming and share some great ideas, let me know.
See ya soon!


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Jun 30, 2010
Adelaide, Australia
Good Day, Chuck!

Welcome to the Aussie Christmas forum :D

When are you arriving in Sydney? There is a Sydney mini showing off the Aussie way of decorating and also RGB products. This mini is happening on the 24th of July. All the times, schedule, and cover charge are all listed in the ACL wiki.

There is a Brisbane mini (in Queensland, north of Sydney) happening on the 6th of August. If you will still be in Australia by then check out their wiki page.

I live in Adelaide which is about an 90 minute flight away from Sydney unfortunately but we do have enthusiasts who live in Sydney and I'm sure some of them would be willing to catch up if either of the above Mini's are not on a suitable date for you.

PS: Remember to pack warm clothes for its winter here (but you knew that!)


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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
Welcome to ACL Chuck, I hope you enjoy your stay down under, dont worry gravity will keep you from falling off.

By the sounds of things you are staying around the Gosford to Newcastle region which is in the wrong direction from where i am, i am 1 hour south of Sydney. It would be nice to catch up

Unfortunatly it looks like you will just miss the Sydney mini by a couple of days which is a shame. How long are you here for as we also have our Brisbane mini 2 weeks after the Sydney mini. Either way im sure you will have a great time here.