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Full time elf
Jun 12, 2010
jstjohnz said:
I have become so focused on the hardware that I haven't really spent the time with LSP that I need to, and I know there are a lot of reports of issues with LSP. I have been playing with the Madrix demo lately, that program is really something. But major $$$$, and as far as I can tell it will only program one light matrix, not multiple display units.
One matrix yes, ( think of that as a "page" to draw on ).. However what you can do is place multiple "objects" on the page. Then using the mapping function when you create a patch, you can assign various different layers simulateouly to various different parts of the matrix.. Ie, you can have bouncing metaballs on one bit, and radar stripes on another bit..

I'm doing exactly this, with my setup, the pixels on teh shed (effectively a 112 x 21 grid ) as well as teh comet star, and the pixel carpets are all running together.