Anyone have problems when running an ECG without all universes enabled?


Senior elf
Apr 26, 2010
Houston, TX, USA
When I was setting up last week, I updated my firmware to 1.3.1 and setup my ECG so that only universes 1-6 were outputting data since I only use 1-6. I figured this would put less load on the unit. I did this by not configuring those outputs and by not checking the ACT box. What it appears happened was that universe 6 would have issues with output for reasons I couldn't explain. At that point I was not sure if this was a ECG or LSP issue and downgraded the firmware and it still happened. Updated the firmware back to 1.3.1 and then decided to just enable the 7&8th universes even though I was not using them. It *seems* this was the solution for my problem. Now I have not had time to go back and do additional testing to be 100% sure so I just wanted to throw this out there in the off case someone else was seeing the same thing.

Again, I'm not 100% sure this is a "real" issue, just a possiblity. Ed seems to right some pretty tight code so I suspect I maybe wrong. :D


Full time elf
May 17, 2010
Southeast US
I've got a 8 slave unit, but am only enabling and driving 4 of the 8. In fact, it's not even the first 4, but I think, 1,2 and 5,6 currently sending out data and connected to controllers.

Haven't seen any major issues, that I'm aware of...but then again, I'm only driving about 40-50 channels (or less) on each of those 4 universes.

I'm still running the original 1.3 code on the ECG - never upgraded to the 1.3.1. LSP 1.8 - editing with latest version, but I think my show computer is still one rev back.