APRA renewal....


Full time elf
Feb 18, 2011
Mount Tamborine, Qld
Wondering if I've gone about this the right way.

I got a complimentary Narrowcast APRA license for last years show. Just read through the renewal/reassessment form for this this years show.

I'm hoping this was a standard mailout that went awry as it is rather comical in some respects.

Total earnings - $0 (unless you count a hand-drawn christmas card from the boys over the road - priceless!)
Total loss - $0
To be certified by external auditor.

Average weekly transmission hours for the financial year
- ommitted test period of one hour
- show ran for 31 days(December) from 1900h through 2200h(3 hours)
- (31 days * 3 hours / 356days) * 7 = 1.8 hours per week

Given the show is 100% musical content it appears I'll be assessed at the highest rate. Perhaps I should send them a scanned copy of the card?