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(Archive) Australian Cordsets Available From LOR

Discussion in 'LOR 240V AC' started by Chris_W_LOR, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Chris_W_LOR

    Chris_W_LOR Guest

  2. OP

    davidt_LOR Guest

    G'day Chris,
    Just my thoughts, but...

    At US$45 for the 16 output leads plus US$13 for the dual input leads this would cost approx AUD$84, based on today's rates. On top of this would be shipping, which is generally based on weight, and I would suspect would be quite expensive.

    Compare this to 16 x approx $3 for 3m power leads from your local discount store, 2 (plug ends) of which can also be used for your input leads and a couple of dollars for crimp lugs.


    Davidt, Ballarat

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