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Originally posted 8 November, 2009

I just started setting up my lights and decided to run a test on the first two strands of LED's. With just the two channels connected I ran a sequence that will eventually have 32 channels. The lights are not responding to the beat of the music. They do come on but a bit late and then tend to stay on but even that tends to be quite random. Is this perhaps a problem with such a small load? If so what can I do to correct this problem.

Paul - Central Coast NSW


I have continued to work on my problem throughout the day and for some reason it has started to work. I have tried to figure out what went wrong. The only guess that makes any sense is that perhaps I had some kind of port conflict.
It started working after I got so depressed that I was not going to be able to make this thing work after all the work I have put into making mini trees and extending light cords, and the money... I just closed the program and turned the computer off. When I restarted it started working, and works perfect.

I would really appreciate any suggestions on what I might have done that caused my problem. I would really hate to have it happen again and not be able to fix it. For now I will just write if off as one of those computer THINGS.



G'day Paul,
Probably the first question to ask is...

Are you trying to watch your lights dance when using the LOR Sequence

If yes, this is probably where part of your problem may be. Most of us
have found (the hard way) that the Sequence Editor often introduces some
strange delays and effects when you try to control lights through it.
Try setting the sequence up as to play as a Show through the Show
Scheduler and I think you will be surprised at the difference.

If you continue to have problems, such as channels appearing to stick
on, let us know a bit more about your setup, ie: What type of
controllers, eg: CTB16DWHS, CMB16D, etc and the types of lights you are
trying to control, eg: incandescent lights, rope lights, LEDs, etc.

Let us know how you get on.


Davidt, Ballarat


Hello David,
Yes you are correct I am trying to watch the lights dance using the LOR Sequence Editor. This is my first year and wow I have a lot to learn. I still don't have a firm understanding of how the Show Scheduler works but will be working on that this week. Now I am behind and will need to work on things every night when I get home from work. I still have controllers to bypass and DC cords to extend and quite a lot of programming that needs work. I have been working on this since the last Christmas holiday. I think I under-estimated the amount of work involved.

My controllers are CTB16DWHS. I currently have two that I have built from kits. I am running a combination of incandescent lights, incandescent & LED rope lights, Icicle and fair LED's and will be working toward converting everything to MY-T-Brite lights. I bought quite a few but would like to have many more.

Thank you very much for your help

Paul - Central Coast NSW