(Archive) New spade-version of DC board - CMB16D-QC



Originally posted July 1, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I've noticed that Light-O-Rama have adjusted their sales page.

The first change is they've lowered the cost of the regular CMB16D board to US$95.95.

But the second change is the addition of a NEW version of the CMB16D - the CMB16D-QC.

It is on sale for US$79.95 with a regular price of US$99.95. They list the difference is it uses quick connect terminals instead of screw terminals.

You can see for yourself with this graphic:

The price seems more appealing to me and I'm used to the quick connects with the CTB16PC AC controllers I've got.

The only thing which puts me off is the late August availability.


These quick connect terminals, are they for power and/or the light
string connectors?
For the price of the new board to be cheaper, would suggest it's not
as good as the original in some way.

What would be the good/bad points of having quick connecters? Besides
being quicker..


The Quick Connects they are revering to are in fact spade connectors.

The board has male connectors and the wire ends then need to have a female connectors attached. They are rather inexpensive connectors and are crimped on the wire end but if you have a lot to do I am sure can become quite time consuming.


Hi everybody..
LOR now have a photo showing the CMB16D-QC in the store.

Here is the photo: http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-1552586516070_2121_10260632

Other than the obvious different connectors (quick connects vs screw terminals) the mosfets look a bit different too - they're all black on the CMB16D whereas the CMB16D-QC has black only on the lower part of each mosfet. I'm guessing it makes absolutely no difference to the max rated power for each channel, but who knows.. somebody with more knowledge feel free to step in!


Hi to ALL
Being my first venture into DC boards, I have ordered two of these boards for this years display, along with my usual 240v kits.
I enjoy constructing these boards, the testing and then using them.
Can't say what it is, just gives me a warm and fuzzy :)

The colour of the body makes no difference on the rating, the part code gives you the info reagrding the specs for the component.

Take it from a service tech, DO NOT even bother with those cheap crimp connectors, throw them out and purchase a good ratchet set. Once you set the crimp pressure for the crimp connectors you are using, you will never have a problem with crushing and breaking the wires when crimping the connector on.

Screw connectors are fine, as long as you resist the temptation to 'tighten then a little bit more', this is where you risk crushing and breaking the wire, causing a frustrating "where is the fault".
This is where the boot lace crimps are used to prevent a damaged or broken wire.

Eagerly awaiting my new purchases

Dave (Camira)