ATX Power Supply Converter Board

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    Dave Pitts has made AN ATX board

    This is the board you can plug an atx power supply into and then get your 5,12v dc power out, He is selling the pcb for $5.

    Mouser BOM, total for parts is $12.51 without advantage of ordering in quantity.

    If any of you might need such a board, dave is running a coop on his website now,266.0.html

    Dave has been most productive this year.

    He and some others have created
    Pi Player. Free software to run on the rhaspberry pi allowing it to be your show computer. raspberry pi computer around $40
    Falcon-16. 16 channel controller for 180x and ws281x strings . Around $110 assembled
    FPD. 32K channels of pixelnet (it is equivalent to two etherdongles). around $120 assembled
    ATX power board. around $18 ea

    I must like dave because i have all of these.
    My show this year will be 22K channels.
    (1) FPD. E1.31 in and then able to drive 8 Falcon-16's
    (5) Facon-16's. This will give me 80 strings of lights.
    (1) Pi player to run my show
    (5) atx boards so i have power source.


    ps. i am feeling great, so nice to e home
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    Welcome home Sean mate. Seems you are well on your way to recovery just don't sit in front of the pc too much 8) .

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