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Jun 20, 2009
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Sorry everyone the rumors of my demise were vastly exaggerated.

I came down with a what felt like a end of winter flu initially, that then hit me like a sledgehammer and put me into bed for over 5 days, during this time all thoughts of forums, lights, projects etc were just not part of my thinking.
The official doctors verdict is a Flu Virus with a secondary lung infection, it's the lung infection that is the concern at the moment.

Project updates:
TP3212 - PCB updated to include 4 separate outputs and couple of changes from Beta testing. Official Bulk Buy thread is up, this one will be tight but we will make it for everyone.
Strobe PCB's - all PCB and option1 orders sorted and bagged, box packed to ship to Fathead45 for All USA orders, this will ship tomorrow.
PIC's have arrived here in OZ for ACL orders, just now waiting on NUD4001's to arrive from FH45.

Various TigerDMX orders - shipping will commence first thing next week on everyone still waiting for orders to ship.

Even just typing this up has started to re-invigorate me to get back into hard, but i'm under strict instructions to be good.

Hope i haven't stressed to many people to much



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Apr 26, 2010
Albion Park NSW
Very happy to see you back, this place just hasn't been the same without you. I was worried that you may have burnt yourself out due to all the hard work that you do for the community. I would have by now.
Anyway take it easy, look after yourself and get yourself back to 100% health as that is the most important thing.
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