Blink! 2012 - Think Blink! in Melbourne, May 31 to June 1.


Full time elf
Jun 12, 2010
So, its not that long to Dec1, and its not that long to Blink! 2012. Running right before the Melbourne Mini, Blink 2012 is an opportunity to build something truely spectactular as a community! Running in the Melbourne CDB, on Thursday May 31 and June 1, this will be a not to be missed thing to get involved with. You'll be able to work with some cutting edge equipment and gear at a scale that not many can do at home. Theres oppotunitys here for the seasoned and for the newbie. This is about rolling up yourselves getting involved learning heaps. At the same time you'll be building something for all of melbourne to enjoy for a few weeks. Think Hundreds, no thousands, no hundreds of thousands of channels.... think blink! This is a hands on event like no other! Details are light right now, but mark this in your diary now. Blink! 2012. Melbourne... May 31 and June 1 Oh, and you'll be all good to go for the mini on saturday!!!