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Jun 20, 2009
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These rules are the foundation for all Bulk Buys.

We invite members to be active in our community and to help the community by doing what they can. One thing members can do is run Bulk Buys for items members want but are too costly in low numbers.

A goal for AUSCHRISTMASLIGHTING is to assist members in saving money were possible through bulk purchases of components. One way to achieve that is through Bulk purchases -- for electrical and electronic components members want. Frequently, these items are costly in low numbers but become less expensive when larger quantities are purchased.

The following are the rules to follow in running and participating in a Bulk Buy. We ask that you follow both the rules and their intent.

It is the policy of AUSCHRISTMASLIGHTING to not allow the direct sales of manufactured products on the support forum. (The Tiger range of equipment is excempted from this rule as per forum rules) For a reasonable price, you may sell items that you purchased or built but are now surplus for you.
You may not purchase items with the intent to resell them to our forum members.
Following the rules outlined below, you may gather a group of members together and order the items they would like in a quantity they want and share the savings.
The Bulk Buy manager may order reasonable levels of extra items at the time of the Bulk Buy, these units must be priced to match the Bulk Buy cost. The rules are for the benefit of the everyone.

Bulk Buy RULES

All Bulk Buys and their managers must be approved by an administrator of AUSCHRISTMASLIGHTING prior to the posting being made. All Bulk Buys must be operated by a legal adult and may not be managed by a minor.

A bill of materials (BOM) will be posted when the Bulk Buy is started and will include projected totals for price break-points (10, 25, 50, etc.), as well as the date and time when the Bulk Buy sign-up ends. No additional orders beyond that cut-off date will be allowed, unless a minimum quantity has not been reached and the Bulk Buy manager decides it is in the best interest of the Bulk Buy to extend it. If an order grows beyond largest listed price break-point, the costs should be recalculated and re-posted to insure the users get the cheapest price. The goal is to get the parts as cheap as possible for members.

Were ever possible shipping will be estimated at the commencement of the Bulk Buy, however it is acknowledged that in Australia shipping is based on weight and may need to be calculated after the parts have arrived. For US based Bulk Buys, Flat rate shipping should be used.

All Bulk Buy fees are paid through PayPal. Bulk Buys are capped at $5000, which includes a three-percent (3%) Bulk Buy fee and the PayPal payment fees included in the cost. (A Bulk Buy fee is provided so the manager has a contingency fund to deal with last-minute price increases.) The fee is hard-capped, while the Bulk Buy is soft-capped and can be extended only under the agreement of the AussiePhil AUSCHRISTMASLIGHTING Manager, Since PayPal fees are different between same-country transfers and foreign transfers, the prices should reflect the difference to show correct amount for each instance.

The Bulk Buy manager keeps any remaining Bulk Buy fees after all orders have been delivered. This should be the only excess in a Bulk Buy. If the Bulk Buy comes out cheaper than charged, the difference per unit should be refunded to the users.

The Bulk Buy manager must have a PayPal premier account in order to accept credit card transactions.

There are no modifications to the Bulk Buy for individuals -- what is offered is only what the Bulk Buy manager lists in the start of the Bulk Buy. Managers should limit the variety of choices to prevent confusion as to what the members are ordering.

Bulk Buy members are required to send via PayPal the amount of their order before managers place supplier orders and no manager will be allowed to order Bulk Buy kits for anyone who has not paid in advance of the order cut off date.

As part of all Bulk Buy payments, members must make certain the shipping address listed in PayPal is accurate and that in the PayPal payments notes section they include their AUSCHRISTMASLIGHTING user name and details about the order. Any payments without the user name or details will require the manager to refund the payment with a note of the issue and request for it to be resent.

Managers are not responsible for items shipped to an inaccurately provided shipping address; members who provide an inaccurate shipping address will be responsible for the loss of the items or any secondary shipping fees.

The managers are required to post the status of the Bulk Buy at least weekly, even when there is no change to status. This is to insure everyone feels comfortable and well informed.

Once the Bulk Buy order has been placed with suppliers, all member orders are final -- orders cannot be cancelled. This is to protect the manager from being stuck with cancelled orders.

All Bulk Buy orders are an agreement between the manager and the member. The forum staff, owner, or other representatives have no responsibility or liability in the process. By entering into a Bulk Buy order you agree that you understand this and agree to accept any risk.

There will be no excess ordering on Bulk Buys for stock. Reasonable extras may be ordered if a continued demand is expected. This must be approved in advance and all pricing must be at Bulk Buy levels. Absolutely NO profiteering will be tolerated.

These rules are not the limit, but just an outline. Anyone not abiding by the rules or their intent in the operation of a Bulk Buy can and will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Individual Bulk Buys may impose further rules, these cannot contradict any rules listed above and must be in accordance with with all other rules and guidelines of the forum.

Cross Forum cooperation will required any Bulk Buy manager to actively meet the rules of the respective forums.

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