Can't get LOR box working with the Falcon controller


New elf
Feb 9, 2014
Newcastle, NSW
Hi, not sure whether this is a LOR, Falcon or xlights question but can anyone help? I have a recent F16V3 and am trying to output to my three CTB16PC LOR boxes. I am using xlights and have output the 48 LOR channels to the Falcon on universe 1. The controller is receiving packets on that universe so I assume I am OK to that point. I am using the second serial port on the controller and have moved the 3 jumpers to the LOR position. I have a standard cat 5 cable to the first LOR box but I am getting no lights. The LOR controllers are working as I have put them through the hardware test and get lights. I have even tried to update the LOR firmware. I am clearly doing something wrong, but what? Any suggestions gratefully received? I attach some screen dumps and the xlights report.