Can't get vixen sequence to output to controller ECG-P12S


New elf
Dec 5, 2012
First of all this forum is a wealth of information and all the guides are awesome, especially for a newbie like me. This is my first time trying anything with RGB pixels or light sequences for that matter. Any help would be much appreciated, so I can stop pulling my hair out. I purchased a j1sys ECG-P12S and a couple strands of WS2811 pixels for testing until I can figure this stuff out.

My issue is that I am trying to use Vixen 3 ver 3.0.7 and I cannot get any sequences to start. I must have some fundamental configuration messed up. My pixels work in test mode on the ECG-P12S, but I believe I’m having issues with some configs. The vixen preview mode seems to play my test sequences but I cannot get it to play on the controller. How to I tell Vixen to output the sequence to the controller?

I have one pixel strand on P12 with 50 pixel nodes and one strand on P11 with 25 pixel nodes. My ECG-P12 strand configs are as WS2811 on the controller.

Any ideas or help would be great. Thanks.


Dave Brown
Feb 15, 2012
Two Wells, SA
First of all, I'd recommend that you update to version 3.0.9 - it's faster and less buggy - with the proviso that you back up everything first of course.

But yes, the configuration needs fixing.

You have a total of 75 pixels for a channel count of 225, so in the Controller Configuration, enter 225 in the Channels box and click Update.

In the E1.31 Setup Form, the start value in a given row specifies the first channel number (within the total channel count for the controller) for the definition in that row. So your first row says that controller channels 1 to 150 are assigned to the first 150 channels of universe 12, but your second row re-assigns controller channels 1 to 75 to universe 11.

Setting the start value in the second row to 151 should fix the problem.