Change CCR mapping to DMX for purchased 12 CCR Sequence


New elf
Oct 29, 2012
First of is my current setup:

I am running LOR S3 with a LOR 16 channel controller and an E682 device. The E682 device is connected to my 12 50 2811 pixel strings to make my CCR-ish Tree. I have purchased some CCR sequences, because I can't afford to buy the Superstar Sequencer right now, and they were sent to me as .sup.lms files. I was able to load those into my LOR S3 Sequence Editor without any problem.

What my question is:

Now that I've got this sequence into LOR S3 Sequence Editor I've got 12 50 Pixel CCR's since it was created for CCR's. I can go pixel by pixel (12*50=600 UGG!) and change it to point to my E1.31 DMX but I was wondering if anyone knows an easier way? Or am I even doing / understanding it correctly in the first place. Sorry...still very new to all of this!

Thank you for reading!