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3.x Change Log for progress in Vixen 3.0.11.x

Discussion in 'Vixen' started by davrus, Jul 17, 2014.

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    Jan 9, 2014
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    Change Log for current Development Build 3.0.11.x[/size]This Change Log reflects the state as of the July 8 "temporary" Build.This Build incorporates all development since Vixen 3.0.10 was released last December.This Forum post has just the main points. See the attached Word file for the details.New FeaturesLip Sync Feature.Add Color Gradient Library editor access to the Tools menuCtrl Click and drag to duplicate effects.Added Distribute tools and property matching to the preview.Added Zoom to the previewAdded Alignment tools to the preview."Star Burst" FeatureExporting beat mark collections.Effect distribution alignment helperCurve Editor (in the main tool bar)Profile Zip Wizard. This tool allows the user to select a profile, and all, or the selected dataand zip it in a file to the users choice destination folder.Improvements to Undo / RedoImprovements to Snap Performance ImprovementsMemory clean ups.Caching of the smaller visible portions of the elements.On the fly effect image rasterizing. Images are no longer cached.

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