Christmas Lights V 3.0 - 2,277 Channels of RGB Pixel Goodness


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Apr 26, 2010
Houston, TX, USA
Here is the video from the display that was referenced in the PlanetChristmas Magazine December 2010 article titled "Christmas Lights Version 3" ( It is comprised of 2,277 channels, driven over an 8 universe DMX controller from J1sys ( and was sequenced with LightShow Pro 1.8 ( using primarily video transitions. The pixel controllers are from Phil and Tabor over at Aussie Christmas Lighting ( and the CoroStars, BabyBorder, Fascia Border, MegaMatrix and verticals are all from HolidayCoro ( All the AC controllers are all ynx Express controllers ( and there are LOR and Tiger DC controllers.

While it may appear to be a “simple” display without a huge quantity of lights, the actual design, testing and build time was around 600 hours.

2010 Lights on Merrimac Ridge Full Color Christmas Display

Here is a daytime "Behind the Scenes" video showing the different elements up close. It shows the value of the different types of pixels - Pixel Modules used in the MegaMatrix and the Pixel Strip used in the arch, fascia and verticals:

2010 Behind the Scenes Video - Daytime


It's so much better on the dark side
Jun 10, 2010
Thanks for the walk through you have some great ideas, hopefully next year it will be a lot less grief with the software for you - love the corro stars might have to borrow that idea for next year