Circuit Skills: Surface Mount Devices


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Dec 27, 2010
I've got a couple problems with the video. the first and biggest 1 is that there is no silent L in solder. It isn't silent despite what a lot of Yanks believe. the 2nd is the use of blu-tack etc. Who knows what that is going to do to your circuit as it ages. It may be conductive and do fun things to any uncoated tracks beneath the components and it may also be corrosive or become corrosive with age/heat.
I have soldered in thousands of smd IC's and 10's of thousands of 0805 size components by hand and I've found about the simplest and quickest way to solder (with no silent L) the components in to to apply some solder to 1 of the pads for each of the components and then go through melting the component into place. The additional pads are then soldered.