Clearing up the TM1804 'Rumour' Claim


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Apr 26, 2010
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I would like to clear a few things up myself regarding the pixel strings that RJ will be supplying and his response to so called rumours from other forums which is shown here;boardseen

The issue is that you were not clear in the beginning when asked the question as the below quote shows and seemed to not understand the licensing issues at the time, you now seem to have that understanding and that is great as in the end our interest are with the community and the last thing I or any of our members would like to see is a whole lot of people lose their money due to something you may have not been aware of.

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Quoted by DMoore

While in discussion with someone else who is on the "professional" side of RGB pixels, he mentioned the large patent portfolio that Philips owns. Here a document that explains what their patents apply to:

I'm not sure if this is FUD or real. Of course for $500 shipments from China, this stuff isn't an issue but for $100k+ of stuff, these seem to become issues.

Is this an issue for the strings that will be imported?

RJs Response

Not sure what this has to do with them. If you are talking about the MPH issues with the Ws2801 the patents that are a problem with them are not an issue on these says the Manufactor.


My response to RJ

Do you trust what the manufacturer has to say who really just wants to get sales. If planning a large shipment i would find out what possible patent exists with Phillips and RGB LEDs and what possible impact there maybe with the Phillips patent as it could start up litigation and the lights being stopped by customs.
I would do further investigation as i wouldn't just trust what the Chinese supplier believes as this could end up being a very costly oversight if there is a patent on the RGB leds that Phillips owns and the stock is stopped by customs and litigation is started by Phillips.
On saying the above, if your using the Phillips Chromasic 1 chip for the LEDs in the string then this will bypass any of Phillips RGB patents and there shouldn't be any issue, so i am told.

RJ they look like a great refinement of the technology and you should be commended for your great efforts. My only issue (unless you have secret plan) is that it only focuses on strings and now days there are a lot of different RGB options out there like strips, modules etc, which all have their installation benefits.



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Aug 30, 2010

I am sorry you believe that my post about a rumor is directed at your post.

The rumor is the the one running all over the other forums and facebook pages ect. where a certain company has been spying on DLA and is just wanting for a certain order to go in so they can sieze all of the equipment and take everyones money. And a few other choice items I will not repeat.

The only linkage to your post is that one poster I saw used your post to "support" the rumor. I do not believe it is your fault that your post was used since you were not the one using it.

So to clearify your post is not the rumor. I answered your post at that time that it was handled.

In defense of me not talking about your post here is a quote of my post
"the posts and chats in other forums talking about they are watching us and such!"
I do not believe your post matches this statement as it was on DLA and did not say anything about watching us.