Color order issue


New elf
Oct 14, 2022
Hello -- I have a matrix that uses 9822 pixels. BGR color order. The matrix is powered by a F16v4.

The colors are not displaying properly. Where there should be red, blue is showing.

When I do a Color test on the controller (for example Green Ramp, Blue Ramp) the colors display correctly. The color order for each string is set to "BGR(W) on “the controller. Note there does not seem to be a way to change this to "BGR", only BGR(W).

Also the models is set to BGR in xlights and all colors display properly on the preview.

I also tried changing the color order to BGR(W) on xlights and they messed up the colors on the display completely.

It seems the issue may be the BGR(W) setting on the controller, but i cannot seem to change that (maybe because the pixels are 4-wire, set to APA102)

Any insight?