Connecting Strips/Strings -- Physical Layout


Apprentice elf
Dec 26, 2012

OK, logically, I believe I'm starting to get a handle on the controller/string relationship (without a controller -- it's all in my head) :) but, the physical side of things, I'd like someone to set me straight as and where necessary.

1. I'm thinking just of a single controller universe (510 channels available, drives 170 pixels)

2. A strip with 50 pixels could be driven off such a universe by just connecting the appropriate wires, I'm supposing. A waste of 120 pixels/360 channels.

3. What to do?

Do I daisy chain another two strips?

Say, one goes "up" the tree (or whatever model), series connected to the next which comes "down" the tree, daisy chain to the next, which goes "up" the tree, making 150 pixels / 450 channels which is mentioned in the P12R manual (450 ch that is).

If this is the physical arrangement, how does the controller "know" up from down, or is that irrelevant if you model it in (say) LSP as 1 long string of 12 x 50 = 600 pixels. Is it sorted out automatically in the software?

The P12R manual is quite clear on how the software talks to the firmware that then talks to the hardware. I think I understand that -- we'll see when I get down to brass tacks what I really do understand :) It's the physical connection (as above) that's got me a bit confusticated.