Control Protocols Working Group.. ( the people who make those E standards )


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Jul 13, 2013

The CPWG is the bunch of people who come from lots of different companies who have interests in Lighting Control Protocols. At the last meeting Stellascapes was accepted as a full voting member of the CPWG. The CPWG gets to work on exciting things like the standards ( for example )

DMX-512A, RDM, Streaming ACN ( E1.31 ) and RDMnet ( E1.33 )

A few things from the most recent meeting ( in Las Vegas In November ) that you might be interested in;

BSR E1.31 - Univers Sync and Universe Discovery... The Task Group reported that they were nearly there, and that we likely will see Universe Sync go to standard early next year. Universe Sync. means that all devices will change together, irrespective of when they received their universe data on the network. This is starting to show up in some peoples shows, when some device change before others.

BSR E1.33 - RDMnet. It is hoped that a there will be another disucssin document in January. My feeling is that this standard won't make it out to be a standard until 2017. ( at least ).

E1.20 ( DMX-512A ) is up for revision in 2017, but a task group has been set up for this, and Joshua Moyerman one of my engineering staff is sitting in this group.

Please if you want to comment on standards, or have some useful contribution to make, or just ask a question, i'll do my best to help you, or if you want to voice something to take back to the CPWG, please let me know.

This is stuff is pretty boring, but its kind of important that we actually have some standards right?


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Dec 27, 2010
This seems like the perfect place for me to find out about RDM. If yoy could point me to some info it would be appreciated.