Couple of Timing Mark questions...


Full time elf
Dec 12, 2012
Melbourne, Florida
Hey all... couple questions that have been stewing in the back of my head...

1. If you have a sequence that has no timing marks in it, and you create a macro that inevitably ends up dumping a bunch of timing marks into the sequence for you, what timing highlight settings do those appear? 'Shared' ?? They certainly don't seem to go on the 'Active' timing highlight layer I have set...

2. I have heard that the number of timing highlights can be a sensitive things to consider in performance of the scheduler (I believe I read a post by Eddy stating that, one reason he doesn't start a sequence with any timing marks is so that you don't wind up with a bunch of pre-defined marks that won't get used). Does the macro creating all those timing marks, some of which are probably not useful, limit Scheduler performance?

3. I recently tried to bring in an old "beat track" from a LOR sequence I used back in 2006... I went into the LOR sequence and deleted all of the grid rows aside from the two that were used as a "beat reference" in LOR. I imported those into LSP successfully, but I can't seem to drag the effects or timing marks from those layers, no matter what timing highlight setting I use. Ideas?

Thanks for looking.