Covers or enclosures for Strobes


Minister of Silly Walks
May 9, 2010
Toowoomba, Australia
Seems like I've answered my own question, however it's still neat to hear how anyone else is it doing this - neat and cheap solution Matt.

I found these little containers called dressing tubs by decor @ Kmart. They're little clear tubs meant for . . .dressing, the salad kind. Hole in the lid, thread wire through, solder strobe to the wire, clip lid on to container and a dab or silicone to seal the top (I drilled a hole just big enough for the wire, so nice and tight). They're $4.55 for a pack of 6 - a little bit more expensive than I would have expected, only need 25, so not too bad really. Not sure how they'll go in the sun . . . 1 month shouldn't be too bad.