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CPWG meeting Highlights - July 2015, E1.31 and E1.33

Discussion in 'The Family Room' started by multicast, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Jul 13, 2013
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    Just a couple of things that came out of the Plasa Control Protocol Working Group Meeting that was held in Texas this morning;.

    The amendments to the E1.31 standard was voted on, and it will be sent to public review. The standard is being extended to include Universe Synchronisation and Universe Discovery. With the large universe counts that some people are running Sync will be a welcome addition..

    E1.33 was voted on and it too will be going to its 3rd public review. It is essentially a completely new rewrite from the previous attempt, its much simpler. I have some strong personal views on this ( i think it needs to be yet simpler ). E1.33 will in essence give you the ability to mange / configure all your devices from a single location. That is something i'm really looking forward to..

    As soon as the paper work is published, i'll post links to it.

    The group is also actively looking for new members, and it would be great to see a representative from the Australian Christmas Lighting community. membership is FREE. ( though donations are encouraged! )

    "Membership is open to all who are affected by the work of the group. People and companies that would be in any interest category other than a manufacturer interest category are, at this time, particularly encouraged to apply for membership. Voting members are required to attend meetings and to vote on letter ballots. Voting members and their alternates may not miss three consecutive meetings without a loss of voting status."

    [/size]Attendance at meetings can be in person, or via teleconference, and meetings are about 4 times per year. The group is responsible for formulating those good things such as DMX, Streaming ACN, RDM and shortly RDM.net ( E1.20, E1.31, E1.33 )


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