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Creating a new image for next Year

Discussion in 'HLS (Hinkle's Lighting Sequencer)' started by DrNeutron, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. DrNeutron

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    Oct 19, 2012
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    Glace Bay
    What I am trying to do is finalize my 2014 layout and then find a way to import my 2013 sequences in so that I can work on the extra channels for this year.
    First off, I opened a 2013 sequence and added all the channels for this year (including pixel plane MT) and created a new preview using a sketch of how I wanted things laid out in my yard, saved the preview, and created an image to be used when starting a new sequence. This part was easy and everything works as expected.
    Next, I opened a 2013 sequence and marked my entire display group and then went into Library and added all effects into library (including my mouth and word channels).
    Next, I started a new sequence using a saved image and selected the one I saved previously, this worked as expected.
    Finally, I go into Library and insert into sequence the effect I previously saved and voila everything is there.....except the words for the word channel and the mouth phonemes. Is there any way to have this carried over? It's just a minor thing as it doesn't affect the facial animations, just looking to keep the words as it helps me place new effects a bit better.
    Thanks in advance!

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