DC-DC Convertors


Dedicated elf
Jun 20, 2009
Canberra, ACT, Australia
There was some discussion in Chat and I realised i hadn't actually posted any information on the DC-DC convertors i used last year to convert 28V DC distribution to local Pixel 5V.

The DC-DC converters I used are shown below, i ordered in 4 x 100W (5v 20A) units for one of the megatrees to test.
Now to be honest one failed after a few days, but the other three ran for 8 weeks permanently turned on and completely exposed to the weather, after one storm they were effectively submerged at one point.

As you can see, similar in size to a pack of playing cards.

Just a little bit taller

Back view showing the epoxy encapsulation.

These were bought from http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/405618/211100948/dc-dc-converter.html
The pricing seems to have gone up a few dollars.

They accept 8V - 40V. Whilst I haven't loaded one fully at 28V and 50% current they seem to stay cool to touch.
For the megatree each unit had a Max current load of 13.5A

They ship with bare wires and i just used standard Ray Wu waterproof connectors soldered onto the input and output connectors.[/attach]