Deals Direct 60cm LED Wreath


Grandpa Elf
Community project designer
Jun 12, 2010
Victoria Point (Brisbane)
I bought a 60cm LED wreath from Deals Direct for 2011. It came with a multifunction controller and 12V AC plug pack.

davidavd Deals_Direct_Wreath_Colour_Mode.jpg davidavd Deals_Direct_Wreath_White_Mode.jpg

I didn't have time before Christmas to modify it, so I just remoted the plug pack and let it do it's thing in colour mode.

Now I've chopped the MF controller off and done some measurements with the help of my multimeter and adjustable power supply.

It's basically a 4 channel device with the added wrinkle of two common positives; one for colour mode and one for white mode.

Fed from 12V DC, each channel draws around 25mA - 29mA depending on the colour or white mode. There is a small inline switch to select colour or white mode, so you could leave that connected to simplify control.