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Denver Get Together, Aug 31. New News, we will be broadcasting event.

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. smeighan

    smeighan Dedicated Elf

    Jan 19, 2012
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    4217 Greenfinch Dr CO 80126
    Newest update on Aug 20, 2013

    New News! We will be broadcasting the Denver Get together and recording it. If you cant make this event in person, please join us remotely.
    We will be using Teamviewer (the same as we use each Thursday for the Nutcracker Tutorials).

    Please join the meeting, by clicking on this link on Aug 31st:

    Meeting ID: m93-271-823

    If you have a headphone click on the "Voice over IP" on the Teamviewer menu and unmute your headphone to be able to ask questions.

    What: Denver Area Christmas Get Together
    When: 9am-6pm Aug 31 , 2013
    Where: Conference room reserved at FireMedic4Christ work. just north of park meadows mall (I-25 & County Line) for aug 31 from 9am- 530pm.
    South Metro Fire Rescue Authority Administration
    9195 East Mineral Ave
    Centennial, CO 80138
    Basement level conference room 1 and 2
    projectors and screens, wifi, kitchen, soda and snack machines, bring extension cord and power strips,
    I think room holds over 100 so there will be plenty of room and it can be divided it we want.

    Agenda: All times are in MST
    9-10am: Meet and Greet

    -- Start Teamviewer to broadcast to audience. We will have a new conference mike that should make hearing all in the room clear. We also will have two video cameras. --
    10-11am: (Dave Pitts) Demo and discussion of the pi player. Dave Pitts and MyKrofts free software for running your show from a $35 raspberry pi. This software is available now.
    11-12pm: (Sean Meighan) COmplete end to end creating of a sequence in xlights/Nutcracker. We will take a song never tried before , mark it up in Audacity, bring it into xlights, create effects and finally play our sequence on the lights in the room. Goal is a sequenced song in < 30 minutes.
    12-1pm: Working lunch along with show and tell.
    (Rich Renn), how he built rails from plastic fencing and installed lights in them
    (Sean), show the 9' Nutcrackers and how they were built
    Open discussion of how people built their displays (Please send me more specifics)

    1-2pm: Overview of Our Hobby. Sequencers (HLS, LOR, Vixen 2.1, Vixen+,Vixen 3,LSP). Overview of new hardware added this year (like technicolor lights).
    2-3pm: (Dave Pitts). Demo of the Falcon-16 boards. Discussion of E682 and j1sys p12r. Also open discussion of any controller board.
    3-5pm: Open, maybe we can get speaker to demo and talk about Vixen+ and Vixen 3.
    5pm Closing. ...

    Agenda is tentative

    Recordings will be posted on vimeo the following week.

    Updated list of people interested, Current count for this event (count has increased by two since last update Jul 30)
    19 Yes
    1 No

    Name | Jul 27 | Aug 3 | Aug 10 | Aug 17 | Aug 24 | Aug 31 | FORUM
    Sean | Y | N | N | N | Y | Y | DLA
    Brian | Y | Y | Y | N | N | Y | DLA
    taybrynn | Y | N | N | N | Y | Y | DLA
    javo | N | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | DIYC
    kmalsom | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | DIYC
    kevin | Y | Y | Y | Y | N | Y | LOR
    T. Bennett | Y | Y | N | N | N | N | LOR
    greg.ca | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | LOR
    mms | N | Y | Y | Y | N | Y | FALCON
    pk | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | FALCON
    dpitts | N | N | Y | Y | Y | Y | FALCON
    kevin | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | FALCON
    rich | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | FALCON
    kiplorenzo | - | - | - | - | - | Y | LOR
    dandameron | - | - | - | - | - | Y | FALCON
    richard | - | - | - | - | - | Y | DLA
    justtazz | - | - | - | - | - | Y | DLA
    dandyman | - | - | - | - | - | Y | DLA
    David/Renee | - | - | - | - | - | Y | Falcon Christmas

    We have people driving down from Fort Collins and up from Colorado springs.

    Some suggestions for an agenda

    Brian wrote:
    - If enough people have the falcon16, perhaps David can talk about setup etc.
    - Swap meet if people have stuff to sell or trade.
    - Show and tell. I thought this was one of the best parts down in the COS as well as the recent academy in TX.
    - setting up rgb / universes to work in LOR3
    - how Sean ran show only using nutcracker
    - Basics of using vixen 3. Someone in the metro used it exclusively, although I don't remember who.
    mms wrote:
    A demo of the Falcon Pi Player may be neat.
    I'd like to see a demo of Vixen 3 and/or HLS.
    Maybe a show and tell new show elements.
    sean wrote:
    - i will demonstrate how to share nutcracker sequences. ill bring 20 already done and share them
    - will bring my 20x120 flex strips and set them up to demo xlights
    Greg write:
    - I have a lot of 5 meter WS2811 strips 12VDC still brand new in the bags not opened that I want to sell from Ray Wu. They are just a few weeks old.
    - I also would like to set up a 'swap meet' of Christmas light items that we all could buy/sell/trade. Bring all your unused or un-needed christmas light stuff and let's see if we can trade.
    -I'm currently needing 5V WS2811 strips as my requirements for my megatree changed in mid build.

    What is everyone bringing?

    I will bring my laptop and xlights
    pi player => FPD => (2) Falcon-16 baords => 32 strings of lights
    20x120 flex 1809 strips mounted to 1/2" metal emt. I will lay them out on the floor and make a grid display
    Dave Pitts 7' Candle made out of coro
    Coro Star, 60 nodes of rgb inside
    Maybe, I will bring my 9' (really 8' 10") Nutcracker
    My 12' spider for Halloween


    Thanks all

  2. kel

    kel Dedicated Elf

    May 12, 2010
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    Tenterfield, NSW/Qld border
    Ok, this is set for MST, which equates to 2:00am Sunday EAST, for Sean's presentation and 3:00am for dpitts preso re the FPP ... I think I may need to drink an extra few litres of water prior to having a sleep ... with the hope that I may need to get up during the night ...

    Alec, you're up most of the night ... pls, check in ... ;)

    I hope the vids are posted ASAP ... and I'm really sorry to have missed this ... unless, the extra litres work :-\

    Good luck!

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