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DMX Brain-freeze

Discussion in 'New Members Say Hello' started by obeeone, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. obeeone

    obeeone Nothing like a good woman and Xmas lites

    Jan 3, 2015
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    New York
    I need help in a bad way. I have tried for 4 months to get dmx running on my LOR. Nothing works. I'm trying to get a 27-channel controller to respond to LOR with a HolidayCoro Enttec adaptor. The status light blinks but none of the lights work. I've switched lights. When I use the controller test mode... I have lights. Network preferences are set to Univ 1, Entec adaptor etc. I've seen UTube videos and every one is successful. But when I clone all the settings I've seen.... nothing. I can't figure it out. Anyone out there..... please.... show this brain-dead newbie what he is doing wrong. DMX controllers are cheaper than the LORs. That is why I wish to try them out.... if they work. SOS..... SOS.... SOS.... Attached is a photo of the controller.
    Please note...... I live in New York and I was told the Aussies know what they are doing. Reach out to them.

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  2. OzAz

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    Dec 29, 2015
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  3. i13

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    Jul 5, 2013
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    Is that a photo that you took? If so then you have the switches set so that the start channel for the controller is 384 (switches 8 and 9 on). Try setting all of the little switches to the off position and sending data to channel 1.

    If the status LED is blinking then that is a good sign.

    There are still a few Light-O-Rama software gurus here. ryanschristmaslights is one of them and it is easy to catch him in chat. That said, I suspect this is just a setting/configuration problem and that you have the hardware and software working.

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