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E1.17 and E1.54 Standards - Now standardised.

Discussion in 'The Family Room' started by multicast, May 30, 2015.

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    E1.17 & E1.54 Approved and Published
    On May 19, Assistant Technical Standards Manager Erin Grabe filled out and filed the BSR 9 forms with ANSI for the final approval of BSR E1.17, Entertainment Technology - Architecture for Control Networks (ACN), a revision to ANSI E1.17-2010, and BSR E1.54, PLASA Standard for Color Communication in Entertainment Lighting, a new standard. On May 21, two days later, we received notice from Anne Caldas, Secretary of the ANSI Board of Standards Review, that these two draft standards had been approved by the Board and are now ANSI E1.17-2015 and ANSI E1.54-2015.
    Now ANSI E1.17 and ANSI E1.54 are published and available at http://www.tsp.plasa.org/freestandards for free download. They also are available for purchase for $40 from either ANSI ([color=rgb(0.000000%, 0.000000%, 50.196000%)]http://webstore.ansi.org/[/color]) or IHS ([/color][color=rgb(0.000000%, 0.000000%, 50.196000%)]https://global.ihs.com/[/color]).

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