Easy way to add temperature controlled cooling to my power supply box.


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Jan 1, 2013
When my display runs at night, the ambient temperature is cool enough to adequately cool my power supply box. It contains 6 350 Watt Meanwells. However, sometimes during the day testing is done during the middle of the afternoon on a hot day and the power supply box has all 6 meanwells with their fans on inside a hot environment. I usually design for worse case scenerio and if the outside temperature is anywhere above 25C, the box will need to be cooled. I still do not want to drill or cut any hole into the box but if that is the only option...........I guess I will have to get out the hole saw.

I designed specifically to NOT have any cooling fans an it opens the box up for potential rain or snow to collect inside the box. The box obviously does have a door and I can manually open the door to vent the heat out but wondered if there is any other clever passive way to cool the box? Any ideas?? --Greg--


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Feb 23, 2012
greenville u.s.a.
i took a cg 1500 box mounted my 350 watt meanwells and a sanddevices 682 inside along with this i mounted a 5 inch pc cooling fan directly to the middle of both meanwells stright across from this i drilled a 2 inch hole into this hole i hot glued a 2 inch closet flange sticking tru the hole on this i slid a 2 inch pvc elbow pointed down to stop the intake of direct water.then i took a 4 inch square piece of nylon door screen held in place with a piece of 13/4 pvc to stop flying criters ect from entering tru the pipe.now i know this will not stop air borne moisture but it as worked for me 2 years now


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Nov 8, 2011
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Only suggestion I have is similar to above.
Put a hole on the side towards the top with an elbow out the side pointing down with a small mesh cover.
Then a similar hole at the bottom or several smaller holes with screen mesh and then let nature (heat rises) do the rest.


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Apr 26, 2010
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This is the method I have used, I also put a little 12vdc computer fan on one of elebows in side the box to help with air flow, This seems to work well and stops water from getting in and keeps everything nice a cool