EBAY FM TRANSMITTER - Comments & Suggestions Requested


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miked said:
I got one of these transmitters (CZH-05B) earlier in the year but have only recently tested it out . I was getting a lot of hum in the background. I was playing through ipad?
Have also done a bit of reading on the Wiki re transmitters but am a bit confused about output power and licences etc.
Do you need a licence to transmit with this device?
Most do not use a license.

Generally you wont have any issues if you follow some simple rules

  • Do not transmit for miles around, you only at most need to cover your street. So dont use 1 watt plus transmitters a 10 milliwatt transmitter will do the job and is what I use.
  • Ensure your transmission does not effect any other stations, do a drive around to ensure that the frequency is in fact clear. Check at night when the show will be running just in case there is a local community night time station nearby. Recheck this every year to ensure no new stations have come on line.
  • Only transmit during the show, do not transmitt 24/7
  • Do not have any commercial advertising/promotions, inapropriate language or threatening language when transmitting.
  • Ask your immediate neighbours if they are being effected by any transmissions.
Following these basic rules will ensure that no one will complain as this would be the only reason you would get a visit. And if you did get a visit then at most you would be told to compy. I do not know of any case where a person was charged for transmitting music for their Christmas shows. So follow the basic rules and there shouldnt be anything to worry about

Now the hum can be generated through:
  1. the power supply, try changing power supplies, or plugging in the power supply in another outlet
  2. the location of the cables and transmitter, try moving the cables and transmitter away from computers and any electronics and mains cables and power supplies.
  3. the type of AV cables used. use higher quality AV leads if using cheap AV cables

Just a few thing to try and do that can minimise the hum


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