ECG is cool .... next they will be COOL


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Community project designer
May 19, 2010
Knoxville TN USA
Well we survived the year of birthing the ECG series of products. Thanx to our early adopters and supporters.

We are working now on several new products for the line including our Pro series and more upgrades and new products in the consumer and DIY line.

Next out of the gate is the M32MX board to upgrade the DMXREN8. All existing DMXREN8 users will receive a free hardware and software upgrade as soon as we finish the testing and first production run.

We are also working on the network firmware software so you won't need a PICkit to upgrade the firmware.

Following rapidly will be ECGPro-DMX2 and ECGPro-DMX1 units.

But the even bigger development project for this coming year will be an object oriented lighting command structure that we are calling: Compiled Object Oriented Lighting or COOL. We may call it j1COOL to tie it to our corporate name and/or to avoid any trademark violations if COOL has been registered for the lighting industry.

The exact targeting and operating environment for COOL are in flux right now but we are hoping to achieve a distributed object oriented architecture that could run on one or more PCs and communicate with the lights via E1.31 or DMX.

HOWEVER!!! our shoot for the max target is distributing the object down to the ECG level and synchronizing them with timing signals. This same technology will also integrate with the ability to run ECG units as stand-alone sequencers and allow us to add that to the units. So you could download compiled objects down to an ECG and run them as part of a show or as stand-alone sequencers. All of this while retaining our E1.31 compatibility and adding Art-Net II compatibility for legacy support.

So a busy year ahead. As Santa usually does we are off for a post Christmas vacation from January 1st through the 16th and I'll be hammering out some of the final details on the M32MX, working on network upgrades, and the initial details for ECGPro-DMX2 and COOL while we enjoy the cruise.

So keep an eye out for more announcements coming soon.

As I head to the ship for the Panama Canal - Happy New Year To All and to All a Chorale!!
(sorry it is hard to rhyme with canal)



Senior elf
Apr 26, 2010
Houston, TX, USA
Alright Ed, I don't even know where to start here.

So this COOL, it needs to have compiled "code", which I would guess is somewhat like "optimized" code from out of LSP? Where would the source of that sequence be? A partner application like LSP or LOR (they have announced some items that seem to match this description?)

Would any of this hardware be re-sold by any other major vendor?

Thanks for keeping us moving forward!

Enjoy your vacation Ed!


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Jun 15, 2010
Ed - you are way j1COOL :)

Thanks for the design quality, the integrity and the level to which you've shared this year. The honest, customer focussed way you do business is recognised and much appreciated by folk I think. Looking forward to trying to stay up in the ECG wake in 2011. Its been a great ride so far!!



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May 22, 2010

thanks for all your efforts, your DR4 worked flawlessly at my place this year. Cant wait to see what 2011 brings, it is like having more than one Xmas per year!!



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May 16, 2010
Perth, WA
Cant wait Ed.

And just like Johns, my 2 DR4' and DMXRen8 all worked like a charm.

I had to put solar extraction fans on the housing as the sun was cooking the boards during the day. But again not one fault.

Thanks again.


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May 17, 2010
Southeast US
I'll add my thanks for the excellent products and flawless operation during this season. My ECG-DMXRen8 just worked, driving 4 universes of DMX to different parts of my display.

Excellent support and a desire to share with the community, of which Ed wasn't even a part of 12 months ago!

Thanks also to Ed for coming and bringing his beautiful wife to the Carolina Christmas Convention along with one of the first TP3244's to be seen outside the Southern Hemisphere - being driven, of course, by an ECG!


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May 12, 2010
A very Excellent product Ed.

Worked as advertised first time and has worked flawlessly since.

I look forward to seeing the improvements you make to the firmware in the coming months. I think I will upgrade it to the new firmware before I put them away for the year and do some more testing