ECG-P12R & E1.31 Setup Application


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Aug 16, 2012
I just got a ECG-P12R along with some ECG-PPD-C and ECG-PPR-A Drivers/Receivers (along with a whole bunch of stuff from Ray Wu). I have the P12R running 12 channels of pixel strings (each with three sections of 56 pixels, with injectors between). The test pattern from the P12R works perfectly and all strands are working fine, but I couldn't get LSP to recognize the controller (the computer can, as I can get access to it via the web interface).

I found the ECG-P12R guide created by FastEddy on this site, and after reading through it, found that I think I am missing the step "2". It shows that the data flows from step 1 (the Sequencing software, being in this case LSP), to step 2 (the "E1.31. Setup Application"), to step 3 (the E1.31 Hardware Configuration, which is the web interface of the controller).

So I e-mailed Ed at Joshua 1 Systems, and he responded (very quickly, thanks Ed!) that he thinks LSP should have everything in the application, and I shouldn't need whatever this setup application is.

So I guess my question is, what is this Setup Application that is in the guide, and do I actually need it?


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Apr 26, 2010
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This video may help you understand more,2404.msg20995.html#msg20995

But yes you are correct there are 3 parts. The LSP e1.31 app is the link between the channels in LSP and the Universes that are sent out to the controllers. So without doing this step there is no channel mapping from LSP to the correct universes to be sent out on the network.

To access this setup then in the LSP grid, right mouse click on a controller and then choose the second down the list which is hardware configuartion.