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Discussion in 'EthConGateway by Joshua 1 Systems' started by Porsche, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Gday Guys, im in the process of researching and trying to understand how the intelligent lighting works.
    Ive read the ACL manual and I think I have the picture.
    What Im not totally sure on is the channels and how much they can control.
    If I had one of the above controllers which could run 12 sets of 170 pixels, say WS2801 strips?? (Please stop me if Im not understanding all this). these strips have 60 sections/pixels for a 5m strip. so could 1 channel of this unit run (with additional power) a few sets of the 60 section strips. not exceeding 170 sections. So could I get a few of these strips and cut them up to equal say 170 sections and the 1 channel on the controller would run them??
    Am I understanding this correctly??
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    Yes, you are correct there Phil.

    The only thing that is confusing things a bit is referring to the 12 outputs as channels.. For a standard DC controller (like David's 48CH), each connection/output is a single channel.. But with pixels, each of the outputs feeds multiple channels (so for 170 pixels from one output, this is 510 channels - 170 each of red/green/blue)

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