ECG-P12S - what is it and when can i get one?


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May 19, 2010
Knoxville TN USA
Hi all -

sorry for the lack of communication recently. we've been busy before vacation getting prototypes and pre-production work on the XCG-X2A and ECG-P12S. we had hoped that some production could be done while we were on vacation but there remained a few problems that we had to solve before committing to production.

XCG-X2A first production run is complete and en route to us. we expect to test over the weekend and then get the software working next week. so XCG-X2A is ALMOST there.

ECG-P12S caused some other delays and we just got it into the production pipeline yesterday. we are expediting all aspects of production and are hoping to have the first run in our hands in about 2 weeks. as we get updates from our assemblers we will give a better date. but for now we are hoping to be able to ship the second week of May.

now what the heck is a P12S and why should i care. When we designed the P12R we added the R suffix as an indicator that it drove the strings in a round-robin mode. the processor has 3 available SPI outputs which we then demux into driving the 12 strings. each SPI services 4 strings. we had planned a P12S for a while but never found the combination of MCU and ASICs that we wanted.

the ASIC we found for the XCG-X2A is a powerful and flexible device with the capability of unloading the main MCU with the work needed to drive the strings. it also has the capability to drive many more strings on a 1:1 basis. so we used it in the XCG-X2A to drive the new dual string connectors and started on the design to use 2x of them for the P12S. it is possible that only 1 could drive all 12 strings but that would be at the top of its limits and we wanted the headroom for growth of functionality to evolve over time.

so the new ECG-P12S is an upgrade to the ECG-P12R. we will continue to sell and support the P12R but we strongly recommend the newer/better unit. we will be offering an upgrade program for existing customers.

the ECG-P12S will drive 12 strings of lights. we will support the same pixel types as the P12R and will be adding new pixel types to both where possible. the GECE lights should be added soon to the P12S but are not readily possible to operate with the round-robin P12R.

the ECG-P12S is the same width as the P12R but has grown from 3in to 4in in depth (see photos below). otherwise all wiring and connections are the same.

one surprise we have kept under wraps is the addition of 2x P-DMX connectors on the P12S. so a single P12S will drive 12 universes of pixel strings plus provide two universes of DMX output.

pricing is still not set in stone. we have to get a few final cost figures from our assemblers. we are targeting a price of $225 USD for the P12S vs $175 for the P12R.

thanx, ed



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Jul 13, 2012
Looking forward to these. Got some pixels, just need something to drive them and I think the P12S will do nicely :)
Addition of the DMX output is fantastic.
Great work!


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Oct 18, 2011
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great news Ed, Very much looking forward to the release of the p12S, I need another pixel controller this year, and well, that is now the one!

Welcome back BTW


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Apr 8, 2013
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Been going to your site daily waiting on the good news can't wait to a few and get my display built.


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May 2, 2010
any chance you could give us the overall dimensions of the p12s as I am working on the enclosure layout as we speak.

length, height and Width would be great thanks Ed


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Dec 30, 2011
Like! If only this came a year earlier, it would have been a one stop shop for all my lighting needs!

Any plans to do hyper DMX on this?


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Feb 17, 2012
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Are you coming to the Texas Academy?

If so what are my chances in getting my curreent P12R updated to the "s" model?



Seriously happy you finally got the info out. Hard work pays off when you get to see it enjoyed by others. So anyone looking to sell a E681-E682?