ECG Ren8 will Fit in a YBBS CG1500 Case:)


Fiedler Christmas
May 19, 2010
292 Winkleman Street Ottoville OH 45876
Well boys and girls, i havent seen it done yet, so i got one today and tried it. i have this high dollar piece of awesome equipment, so why skimp on a cheap outdoor solution. so i got a CG1500 today(thanks ukewarrior) and couldnt wait to try it out. It works out pretty well. the power plug is a bit tight an have to put it on before screwing it down. i had to put my own spacers to screw to but not a big issue.

the power supply im using is from an external harddriver enclosure. it has 5v and 12v at 2.5amp. but it handled 3.6amp for about 6hrs with no issue.

i have an extra piece to add to the box but you have to wait:)