ECG works with Dmx to grinch convertor


Fiedler Christmas
May 19, 2010
292 Winkleman Street Ottoville OH 45876
Well after some toying i finally got the dmx to grinch convertor working. actually it works awesome. we should build a wiki page for the ecg with the controllers everyone has used with the settings for future people.

heres the convertor: DMX to Grinch Convertor - allows the grinch board to dim using dmx.

heres the grinch controller: simple on and off 64 channel board.

The ECG must be set to DMX in the setting and the jumpers are set to dmx as well. you set it up in lsp or vixen using 64 channels. you can then daisy chain to another convertor or reg dmx device as it shoots out dmx code. so you just have to setup like any other dmx device. it works out really nice.

well if you have any other questions just ask.