Elia Ware Lights 2018


Full time elf
Feb 27, 2014
Here is the Official Video for Elia Ware Lights 2018! Located in Bonner ACT!

This is my 7th animated display. 9 minute show, with modern versions of carols, also with star wars, paw patrol, fireman Sam, Muppet's plus other surprises.
New this year are my beat poles, made of the square sections from Ray. Also I have 4 x 60Watt moving heads under my eve projecting on the driveway. I also bubble /smoke machine, smoke machine (with 90mm pipe to the top of the tree to branch the smoke up there) and snow machine all running on DMX.

24,500 channels in total, 2 F16 boards, programmed with X lights and run on PI 3. Very Happy on How this has turned out.

Also liquid electrical tape - is the best new product that I found this year in joing and waterproofing the strips (Thanks Brad!)

Merry Christmas

View: https://www.facebook.com/EliaWareLights/videos/522496518257413/