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Falcon Pi Player has been mentioned in a magazine.

Discussion in 'xLights (Nutcracker)' started by smeighan, Sep 28, 2014.

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    Over in diyc, there was a thread about the magazine Nuts and Volts.

    In this thread they posted links to two months of an online magazine

    Dirk Nerkle wrote:
    Both of these issues have a good focus on Halloween and animatronics, and the October issue includes a nice article about using the Propeller for animatronics... and... it highlights our old friend, Vixen 2.1 as the controlling program!

    Lots of good stuff in this magazine, which is the sister publication to SERVO magazine...

    I signed up for a free 3-month subscription and along with that came access to their online version.... and.... since ANYBODY could sign up for it there weren't many restrictions so... you can get a copy of the SEPT and OCT issues below... each of the PDF files is about 30mb in size...:

    Sept: http://diychristmas.org/misc/nutsvolts201409-dl.pdf

    Oct: http://diychristmas.org/misc/nutsvolts201410-dl.pdf

    In the september issue of nutsvolts there is an article where someone describes using the falcon pi player. Look at page 48.
    Article was written by Graham Best. I dont remember seeing Graham posting here on the falconchristmas.com site.
    So what does this tell me?
    That the FPP is easy enough to use and it does what it advertises that many people who have come here, have been able to get it working without ever having to ask questions on the forum.
    This is a big compliment to Dave,Mykroft,Materdaddy and capt murdoch (the FPP dev team).

    great job guys!


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