Falcon V4 HELP!?!


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Nov 13, 2022
Good Evening/Morning! I got the fully assembled falcon v4 a few months ago. I can connect to my network via Ethernet no problem. I can run test patterns no problem. I can get xlights to control it while networked no problem. I can switch the controller to player mode to use the SD card, I can upload and manually select the sequence and play it.

Last night I tested it all before mounting it outside. I put the controller in player mode, set the time, unplugged the network and power. Plugged power back in. Sequence ran on time, and ended on time. Perfect!! I tried to set up wifi and got NOTHING. The web interface is set up for WiFi, the OLED on controller shows no IP.

Now today.... Mounted and plugged in outside, i can run the test patterns directly from controller. I plugged it into the network and I can run test patterns from the web interface. I set the time, upload the sequence and set the scehdule from the web interface and unplug the network. The allotted time comes and nothing happens. I check the controller OLED and now i have an IP address for WiFi?!?!?!?!?!?!?

-why did it work last night and not today?!?

-whats going on with the WiFi. Ethernet IP is The WiFi showed I have a fios router with 1 SSID and I have a Eero extender attached to that with a different SSID.

-Why does the time reset to UTC every time I plug into network?

-When I was connected via Ethernet outside and had xlights controling things, colors did not match up at all

-and do i REALLY need to plug into the network to update the SD card?

Any help, pointers is appreciated!
EDIT: ok. As I work the problem, the different ip’s are because of the eero and Fios. Fios is 192.168.1.xxx. Eero is 192.168.4.xxx. I couldn’t access the web interface no matter what router I was on or what router I had the controller connect to.
Also, I think that even though I can’t access the web when it’s grabbing the IP it’s also resetting the time, just like when I connect to Ethernet. If that’s the case then it explains why the show isn’t starting.
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