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Fence bracket for Tint Poles

Discussion in 'Corrugated Plastic (Coro) & 3D Printing' started by lithgowlights, Nov 28, 2015.

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    this week we put a new 900mm high fence along our driveway where the tint poles used to go. In order to keep the tint poles in place I had planned on simply using cableties to wrap around, but this leaves just a small section of the tint pole against the fence, where it could rub or even worse break the pole.

    I did a quick design for a bracket that has 2 vertical holes that can have cableties put through them and around he horizontal fence top and bottom sections, and a third hole that goes horizontally through the bracket I'd you want to use a cableties to hold the tint tube in place, or you could opt to glue it instead to have a seamless tube in place.

    Files, including images, are over on Thingiverse so if you think it might be of use then go for it. I printed it at 0.3mm layer height and 10% infill, with 3 top, bottom and wall layers and they are more than strong enough.


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